We started The Church at Carter's Orchard in 2009 with a vision to be a healthy community of Christ Followers. We have grown considerably since then, but we are still pursuing our vision of “worshiping in community, equipping people to serve and sharing the Gospel".

CCO is so much more than a Sunday morning service, but Sunday morning is often the place that’s easiest to be introduced, so if you haven’t been to a Sunday gathering yet you should consider coming. We’d love to introduce our church family to you!


Join Us

Walking into a new building and meeting people you don’t know can be very intimidating. At one point, each person who is now a part of CCO had that Sunday of high anxiety. We get it.

Here’s what you should know. Our building is easy to navigate and we are kind and friendly. We’ll try our best to answer any questions you have and be helpful to you and your family. We have experienced people working with our children from fifth grade down to the nursery. You should have no problems making it through your first Sunday service at CCO!